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Gastown Grand Prix - Film Photography

gastown grand prix vancouver

My second roll of film has been developed and I am encountering some speed bumps. I will be talking more about speed in this post. Or perhaps I should say the lack there of. As I dropped off my first roll of film in Gastown to have it developed, I had completely forgotten about the Gastown Grand Prix bicycle race. So here I was with my Zeiss Ikoflex and a roll of Kodak Portra 160. I had just 12 frames to play with. Manual focus. And no, I could not shoot 8 frames per second as I otherwise would have using my Digital Fujifilm X-Pro2. The film would have been used up in a second and a half. Max shutter speed is 1/250th of a second and I am not sure of the accuracy. Not ideal for sports but hey, why not shoot the roll and see what happens. 

As I put this second roll of film in the camera it felt like something was wrong. I was at frame one but the shutter would not trigger. So I kept winding the film a bit longer till I realized something was certainly not right. So I reset the counter and now the shutter worked. But I had wasted 3 precious frames. I am glad I didn't have a photo editor waiting for my results. This roll also shows a problem I have had with the camera in the past. The frames overlap, so I have had to crop into the frames in Lightroom in order to maintain the square format. I hope this problem does not persist.

I had a great time working around the limitations and enjoyed slowing down completely and carefully picking my vantage points. The lighting was somewhat tricky in the late afternoon with harsh sunny spots between the now darkening streets. I am using a Sekonic L-358 light meter. I met a photographer who with a big smile asked me what the heck I was doing. We had a nice chat about film photography. Another photographer was trying his new Fujifilm GFX 50s medium format digital for sports. I told him the Zeiss Ikoflex was my new GFX. He smiled and continued shooting. He had more the 12 frames to work with. 

Despite the speed bumps and coming home with only a few usable images I will try another couple of rolls and see what happens. Next up a Kodak Portra 400.    

gastown grand prix vancouver