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Nikon FE2

Nikon FE2

The Nikon FE2 was released in 1983. This was the year I met Diana and my last year of high school. My class mate and good friend, Ole, had a Nikon FE2 while I was enjoying my first SLR, a Canon AV-1. I remember this vividly. Ole and I spent many classes reading photo magazines and were oblivious to text books. Perhaps not the best idea but then again, I ended up a photographer and I can report Ole is doing well. Ole and I were the photo buffs of the class. We supplied photos for the yearbook and sold prints from our school trip to Vienna. Ole was always quick to remind me how much better his Nikon was, compared to my Canon. It was the classic Canon vs. Nikon battle, which went on for years after high school. Not till now, will I admit Ole's camera probably was a tad nicer. It was more expensive, had a studier build quality and the all important world's fastest shutter-speed at the time, 1/4000 of second. 

Fast forward to 2018. Hard to believe, 35 years have gone by but here I am looking at my own Nikon FE2 :)

More to come. 

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