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A Blanket of Snow over Vancouver

Vancouver woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. In Vernon we have had snow for about a month give or take but in Vancouver they do not see the white stuff that often. Cars were sliding on the up hills. Guys in suits slipping in office shoes. Faces were hidden under umbrellas and parkas but there were also lots of smiles to be traced as the snow arrived just 5 days before Christmas. 

I took a walk around the downtown core with my Fujifilm X-Pro 1  and XF 35 1.4R armed with the latest firmware 3.10. The biggest difference and the feature I really put to the test was the new Auto ISO, which allows a much higher min. shutter speed than before. It worked just as hoped and is a great feature for this type of photography. Kudos to Fuji for releasing yet another firmware upgrade. The X-Pro1 keeps getting better.