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And the Thunder Rolls

I was sitting outside last night shortly after suppertime when a few clouds started rolling in. At first this wasn't all that dramatic but I decided get ready to do a time lapse video as soon as my wife mentioned that a thunder storm was on the way. I set up my Canon 5D Mark II on a tripod and put on the 16-35 2.8L zoom (one scene capture with an 85mm lens). It quickly became apparent that this was going to be something spectacular. The video is put together from nearly 2000 still photos captured over approximately 40 minutes, then edited in Final Cut Pro X and boiled down to about a minute in order to create the time lapse effect. On the news this morning some said this was the biggest thunderstorm to have hit the Okanagan in years. I have also included a few stills from this storm. Check the video at the bottom of this post.