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At the Auto Wreckers

I have driven by the place a thousand times, probably more. The cars are lined up right out to Hwy 97, driving through Vernon, and I have often wanted to stop the car, get out and have a closer look, but never did. Sunday late afternoon was the perfect time. The sun was setting over the hills and I had a bit of time to kill. 

These old cars fascinate me. The shapes, the colours and the rust coming through everywhere. As if for a brief moment I am in the past, in the time of classics such as Studebakers, Fargo trucks and Lincolns. These cars should obviously be photographed so I grabbed my X-Pro1, one lens on the camera and one in my pocket. The shots are taken with the XF 35 1.4R and XF 23 1.4R. 

A word on the post processing. I have downloaded another trial version of Capture One 8 trying to decide if I should use it for my Fuji files. I have also used VSCO 06 presets in this series. Using Capture One is another step to worry about but I do like the colours and details from this RAW converter. I think it is worth the extra step.