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Deer by Turtle Mountain


Turtle Mountain is located almost right in the middle of Vernon. You literally walk right out of the subdivision and onto the Mountain. To the East you have a great view of Vernon and the Slocan Valley and looking south west you see Okanagan Landing and Okanagan Lake in the distance. Not a huge trek by any measure but I ventured up there yesterday, late afternoon. After I snapped a few view shots I noticed a flock a deer below me in the fields. I quickly decided not to try and catch up with them as the sun was setting fast. I stayed on Turtle Mountain and enjoyed the sunset and on my way back to the car I noticed the deer almost hidden along the fence line. I grabbed my longest lens and started shooting and the deer didn't seem to mind too much. It's hard to believe but summer is still in the air here. The day was nicely wrapped up by a harvest moon coming up over the ridge to the east.