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Ducklings Rescue Mission


Forget about the election, the Royal wedding and hockey playoffs. The real exhilarating news can be found right here at :) I was shooting a high school soccer games yesterday afternoon, Seaton vs. Fulton, and in the middle of the game four ducklings came wondering across the field. The game was interrupted and players from both teams joined in the effort to get the ducklings off the field. I have spent many hours along the sidelines of soccer games waiting for some unique action. Well ladies and gentlemen, yesterday it was the ducklings rescue mission that grabbed my eye. At the deadline of this blog post the future of the ducklings however remain unknown. The group of four got split up during the mission as one duckling wondered off on his own. No parents were in sight and this area frequently sees birds of prey soaring above. I know... it's a tough world out there.

After reading this you can consider yourself well informed and I will let you get back to the election coverage, Royal wedding and playoffs.... Remember to vote... and "GO CANUCKS".

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