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Enderby Cliff Hike

In my September 19th blog post I promised that we would be hiking up Enderby Cliff before long. Yesterday we decided to do this hike after consuming our fair share of turkey dinner, turkey soup and turkey sandwiches over the Thanks Giving weekend. We were joined by Heather and Aaron and set out at 10 AM from the parking lot. We knew the facts. We were facing a 14 km round trip and to reach the summit an elevation gain of 732 meters or 2394 feet. The summit is at 1183 meters or 3869 feet. I will admit that I  had underestimated the effort needed to pull one self uphill for about three hours. The summit was a welcome sight indeed and another, and this time, well earned turkey sandwich was devoured in record time. 

The scenery varies tremendously as you work your way along the trail. From cold dark passages in the shade to bright open areas where the light hit the fall coloured leaves. As we were getting closer to the summit and hiking along the edge of the cliff I had to admit that this hike in many ways had exceeded my expectations. The panoramic view of the Okanagan was stellar on this sunny day and seeing the Shuswap River winding it's way through the valley was certainly worth the trek up there. Thanks to Heather and Aaron for joining us and for fending of the rattle snakes along the way.    

All the images in this series were captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with an XF 35 1.4R lens.