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Fabrice Soccer Portrait - X100s High Sync Speed

Fabrice Fanfani plays for the Camels Men's League team in Vernon and I have known him since he was born. I have watched him grow to be a terrific soccer player with mad skills. Fabrice just returned from Denmark where he attended a soccer academy/school for the spring semester. He is showing the home jersey of AGF in this series. AGF is the Superliga team from Aarhus, where he stayed for 5 months.  

I have been shooting the Fujifilm X100s for a couple of weeks now and one of the features I was testing last night was the high sync speed. The leaf shutter in the X100s is capable of sync speeds much higher than my 5D Mark III. At best I can get 1/200 of a second on my SLR but in real shooting 1/160 is better I find. The following series were shot at 1/1000 of a second at either f/4 or f/5.6, ISO 640. I have included a silhouette shot at the end. This shot came about when the strobe didn't fire. I was using the Elinchrom Quadra Ranger (thank to Carl for letting me borrow this). One light only with the 66 cm Portalite soft box. I would have used a larger soft box but we were facing crazy winds with lightning and a storm brewing right above our heads. It actually started raining just as we set up but it let up for a few minutes. I told Fabrice, if lightning strikes this will be our legacy so we better make it look good. 

Thanks again Fabrice for coming out for this test.