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Fujifilm X100s - Day One

Fujifilm caught my attention last year with the release of the X-Pro1. I got one right away as I was lured in by a high quality camera at a much smaller size than my SLR. I have been using it with the XF 35 1.4R since last April. You can read more about my X-Pro1 journey in the "Tools of the Trade" section of my site. 

The XF 35 1.4R lens has been excellent but I wanted something a bit wider especially for event work and hence I now sit here and marvel over the new X100s, which just arrived at my door step like some sort of miracle. First of all I love the retro design of these cameras but this means very little if I they don't deliver great results.  

Let's get straight to the images. They certainly remind me a lot of what I have seen from the X-Pro1. The sensor is similar and I am not surprised of the results. How you get the images is a different story. As countless reviews have stated the AF is faster with the X100s and noticeably so. The shutter is ridiculously quiet. I almost feel cheated. Where is my shutter sound :) 

The aperture ring feels quite different and will take some getting used to. I can see the benefit of the two handles on the side but right now I am fumbling with it. I am also used to setting the aperture in thirds of a stop. No more. Full stops only. Oh well.  

I tried the auto ISO function but still do not like the camera taking over too much control. I often shoot in AV mode and use the compensation dial or go manual when the situation requires it. And I would also like to stay in control of the ISO. I can see that it will be handy at times and it's nice to have the option.  

The EVF/OVF is really good on this camera and I welcome the diopter as I use +2 readers. The camera handles well, is light, but still feels solid.  

A few images from day one are posted below. I look forward to using the high sync speed with strobes at an upcoming shoot and getting to know the camera better. Till then.

A few more images can be seen here: X100s Gallery