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Grand Teton National Park - Day Two


Wrapping our trip to Wyoming we had one more day in the Grand Teton National Park. When we shot the moose the day before we heard about sightings of black bears in the area. We did briefly see one in the bush so we decided to get back to this very spot first thing in the morning. We ended up seeing a couple of black bears and lucked with a few shots to take home as proof.

What will stick the most in my memory from this day will no doubt be our off road trip along a long gravel road located between the Snake River and the Grand Tetons. We must have been on this road for a couple of hours on a bumpy ride. It gave us the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. A marvellous view to one side of the river as we drove along the ridge and the majestic view of the Tetons on the other. A small flock of pronghorn showed up about half way through the drive.


To wrap up the day and the trip we came eye to eye with moose in the little town called Moose. Although this spot looks to be frequently visited by camera enthusiasts it was still good fun and a worth while last shot of the trip.


At the end here I would like to thank Henrik and Jesper for putting up with my oatmeal and coffee addiction and many other quirks. This trip was full of laughs and for sure a great adventure. Thanks Henrik for planning the trip and putting it all together.

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