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Great Blue Herons - Home Builders

The weather didn't look promising in Vancouver but as I have seen before, you just have to get out there and it will most often work out in the end. It must be a weather phenomena. Even if it rains in Vancouver it is quite often much nicer in the Tsawassen/Boundary Bay area only a half hour drive away. Saturday was like that and Henrik and I enjoyed a few hours away from the city hanging out with a large number of Great Blue Herons in a rookery near the Tsawassen ferry terminal. I had seen this spot a number of times but never taken the time to stop. 

The great blue herons were busy building nests and building supply was flown in from left right and centre. We were shooting with Damon West also and the jokes were going back and forth about how the place looked like a busy airport as the herons gracefully approached the run way with landing gear down. We would see the male bringing in a stick and have it rejected. Back to the store for more and so and and so forth.  

I am not sure it was a good idea but Henrik let me try out his Canon EF 600 f/4 L IS II lens. It is a beast (and beauty) of a lens and makes a huge difference for wildlife photography. It took me a few minutes to adjust my aim with a longer focal length than I am used to but once I got the hang of it I didn't really want to give it back :)

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