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Hipstamatic Crazy Fun Photo Series


Have you seen the latest iPhone commercial? The one where they go; "If you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone". They of course show you all the things you can't do if you don't have an iPhone. I happen to be one of these lost souls left in the dust with no iPhone. Several of my friends have been showing me an app, which I do find quite interesting. It is the Hipstamatic Photo App, which will make your iPhone photos look like they were taken in the seventies with an old toy plastic camera. I have found a way to do this without the iPhone in the form a pretty cool Photoshop action. Not only does it emulate the Johnny S lens Hipstamatic action but you remain in control and can make adjustments during the process. At first I thought; we have all this new technology and our digital camera take almost flawless photos and look life like. Photos are sharp and crisp with accurate colours. It is getting easier and easier to get good results. Why go ruin that by processing the photos so they look like they were taken thirty years ago. One answer could be, because we can. Another answer could be that photos will evoke a different emotion when seen with a new type of post processing. Nostalgia is one of the the key elements with this little project. I for one enjoy going through a shoe box with my parent's black and white photographs.

My angle to this project would be to find images suitable for this type of post processing so I started to dig into my library of photos. I found a few and then a few quickly turned into a hundred. I was having a great time with this so I hope you enjoy the results of 100 photos tweaked by the Hipstamatic action in Photoshop. The photos are mainly from my travel galleries and include photos from trips to Denmark, Seattle, Vancouver, Oregon, San Francisco, Mexico and Alberta but also a few from The Okanagan Valley and Silver Star Mountain. The images are available in print sizes of 5x5, 8x8 and 10x10.

Follow the link to view the: 100 Hipstamatic Crazy Fun Photo Series