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Jen Bond


Friday night was one of those first real summer evenings here in Vernon. Beautiful weather and as the sun was setting over the hills I met up with Jen to do a sports portrait session. Jen brought her new bike to the shoot... a wonder of a bike if I may say and I shake my shake head in disbelief that they can actually build them this light. In one word.. nice! Jen had promised me to give me the story behind the bike so before I ramble on I will give the word to Jen.

Last summer I did the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna and I won the grand prize draw- A NEW TREK BIKE from project one.  The prize was sponsored from Fresh Air Concept in Kelowna and Trek Bikes.

I was chatting to Morten about the bike and we thought that once I get the bike and the weather gets nice we should take some cool sporty photos.  SO WE DID!  AND IT WAS FUN!!

It's nice to have such great shots of me doing what I love to do!

I totally recommend doing this to anyone who is passionate about a sport. It will make me smile every time I see those pictures.

Morten also did our wedding photos in 2004...............and I still smile every time I look at those too!!