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Nordic Skiing at Silver Star


The ski season is wrapping up within a couple of weeks so we had two Nordic shoots scheduled this past weekend. We had gorgeous weather and my "model" skiers were certainly up to the task. I have not been on my cross country skis for the past couple of seasons so it was great to back on the trails. My biggest worry was, how am I going to keep up with these guys and take photos at the same time. Just getting my skis on and off with my pack proved to be entertaining to watch I think. I managed to make a complete fool of myself in the beginning of the shoot. Here it goes. We were shooting on a trail above Silver Star Village. I decided to climb a set of stairs leading up to one of the vacation homes. The angle for the shot I had in mind wasn't quite right, so I decided to swing one leg over the railing. The plan was to jump into the snow bank but instead I started sliding down the rail, probably about 10 meters. I did manage, what at the time felt like a miraculous and safe landing, still holding my camera. We continued on our journey into the sunset and the superb ski team showed great patience as I directed them back and forth on the trails.

The second shoot took us to the summit of Silver Star Mountain and it was just spectacular up there. The upper trails, I think, are often overlooked and I made a mental note to come back and ski this later. In years of skiing at Silver Star I would most often stay on the lower trails. I definitely think I will be getting a cross country ski pass again next year. It's been too long.

A huge thanks to skiers, Marie-Cat, Pip, Janice, Rob and Guy. And thanks Guy for setting it up. 

NB. In the last photo I am getting the "diva" treatment. I spent quite a bit of time running down the trails so when it came time to put my skis back on, my boots had a solid block of ice underneath. Thanks guys for getting me out alive.