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Paris Inspired by Cartier-Bresson

My wife and I spent five wonderful days in Paris in the beginning of April. My friend Philippe is French and over the years we have heard many great tales about the magnificent city where he grew up. Through Philippe we have come to know some of his childhood friends, Dominique, Catherine and Patrice. We enjoyed superb French hospitality from them all as we stayed the first couple of nights and the last night with Dominique and Catherine in Aulnay-sous-Bois and a couple of nights in Patrice's daughter's apartment in Montmartre. What better way to experience Paris and we were treated like royalty. Thanks guys. We owe you big time and hope we will see you on this side of the Atlantic soon. Thanks also to Philippe for helping with the plans for this trip.

A copy of the cheque issued by Cartier-Bresson to purchase a Leica Camera in 1985 (at the Leica Store in Paris)

A copy of the cheque issued by Cartier-Bresson to purchase a Leica Camera in 1985 (at the Leica Store in Paris)

As the title of this first blog post from Paris says the following photos are hugely inspired by the French Photographer Henri Catier-Bresson. Hence the monochrome theme. Like thousands of photographers before me, I am drawn to his black and white photos, his strong compositions and people / street photography. On the first morning of our Paris visit we took the train from Aulnay-sous-Bois to the Chatalet les Halles metro station and very shortly there after we were at Centre Pompidou. We were completely surprised to find out that they had an Henri Cartier-Bresson Exhibition. This was too good to be true and an opportunity not to be missed. A huge library of work was on display spanning Cartier-Bresson's career. Later in the week Dominique surprised us as he took us to the Leica store in Paris. See the photo above.

I will follow up with a "Part Two" with another set of monochrome images in a few days and probably also have a few colour images to share.