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Spring time in Victoria, X-Pro1


Here comes another "Tools of the Trade" post as I would like to quickly add a few more photos and impressions after having used the X-Pro1 for a little over a week now. It always takes a while to get used to a new camera and the X-Pro1 is no different. Thanks to Derek Clark for the hint on switching on the Corrected AF Frame in menu. This a huge help. Thanks also to Patrick LaRoque for the hint on the battery charger. (use the removable part of an Apple charger and use it to plug it directly into a wall instead of carrying the cord around). I have yet to implement that one. I still much prefer the OVF for most of my shooting but for macro of course the EVF is handy. I think the last time I switched the aperture on a lens was back in the eighties, so yes, it takes a while to get used to this again but it works perfectly fine. So far I shoot mostly in aperture priority or manual. Over all I find the camera a real joy to use. It is so light and yet still offers stellar images. Still no RAW support from Adobe but really looking forward to seeing the RAW files. I have had a few moments where I was annoyed that the camera was in EVF mode instead of OVF but I really think it just comes down to teaching an old dog new tricks.

I went to Victoria to my son's graduation from the theatre program at UVIC. We were at a great presentation, which included monologs, a fashion show, movement class and soap box speeches. For the most part the theatre was quiet so I put the X-Pro1 in quiet mode. No beeps when AF locked in. The shutter is also very quiet so compared to using an SLR, I didn't feel like I was interrupting anything. At one point during the fashion show I switched to continued AF and was actually surprised in how well it tracked. I shot ISO 1600-3200 in the theatre. We were there for about 6 hours and I shot about 350 frames before the battery died. The battery died just before the final ceremony so I am glad I brought my SLR after all. Getting a second or even a third battery is definitely on the shopping list.

The next day I walked around sunny Victoria. I used the Velvia film simulation mostly. I had a great time teaching my daughter and son how to use the camera. Two of the shots below are captured by my daughter (The Barbie/bike photo and red bike photo).

I also have 50 photos from the Victoria trip in a Smugmug Gallery if interested.