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The Faces of Denmark and France

My nephew, Nikolai, sent me a Facebook message before we left for our Denmark/Paris trip in April. He wanted to make sure I brought some decent camera gear as his social media sites needed new profile photos. I assured him that I would bring a camera which would be up to the task and promised him that we would get him a new portrait. 

Nikolai's need for a new portrait quickly blossomed into an idea. Why not take a photos of everyone we spent time with on our trip through Denmark and France? My other blog posts from this trip has mostly been about either tourist type shots or street photography. However, the trip was more about the friends and family we spent time with by far. The "portrait sessions" became a fun ritual whenever we met friends for dinner or attended family gatherings. Everyone played along and I have seen several profile photo updates since we got back. 

As with project of this type my biggest fear is and was - Who did / would I forget? I already know that I missed a few. While I had an excellent time with Palle and Bodil I completely forgot about this project. Great handball match though! I caught up with Tomas in Copenhagen. He even bought me lunch and yet I had the nerve to forget his portrait. Sorry buddy. I also missed shots of Clara B. and Chloe in Paris. We won't forget it next time we are in Paris. I apologize in advance if I forgot anyone else. My photos were dug out of several folders so I may has missed one or two. I fully expect to be disowned if I missed or misplaced your portrait here.   

I have created a 24" x 32" poster of the photo seen above and I cannot wait to hang it on my wall so that I can see all the wonderful faces every day. 

Tech Talk...

The portraits were captured at available light. For a some of the photos I used a white reflector. I used both my cameras for the photos. A Fujifilm X-Pro1, almost always with the XF 35 1.4R and a few with the XF 23 1.4R. The other camera being a Canon 5D Mark III with an EF 85 1.2L II. Most of the portraits are picked from just two or three frames.   

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