At the Auto Wreckers

I have driven by the place a thousand times, probably more. The cars are lined up right out to Hwy 97, driving through Vernon, and I have often wanted to stop the car, get out and have a closer look, but never did. Sunday late afternoon was the perfect time. The sun was setting over the hills and I had a bit of time to kill. 

These old cars fascinate me. The shapes, the colours and the rust coming through everywhere. As if for a brief moment I am in the past, in the time of classics such as Studebakers, Fargo trucks and Lincolns. These cars should obviously be photographed so I grabbed my X-Pro1, one lens on the camera and one in my pocket. The shots are taken with the XF 35 1.4R and XF 23 1.4R. 

A word on the post processing. I have downloaded another trial version of Capture One 8 trying to decide if I should use it for my Fuji files. I have also used VSCO 06 presets in this series. Using Capture One is another step to worry about but I do like the colours and details from this RAW converter. I think it is worth the extra step. 

Osprey in Salmon Arm

Osprey have arrived in Salmon Arm, BC in strong numbers. Every year they migrate from Mexico and the Southern US. They have only been here for about a week and were busy building nests, catching fish and fighting over the scraps. 

It was a long overdue shoot along with my buddy Henrik Nilsson, who was kind it enough to let me use one of his long lenses all day, a Canon EF 100-400 mm 4.5-5.6L II. Photos in this post were captured with a Canon 5D Mark III. 

It was a super day, with great weather, hanging out there on the pier with Henrik and we have to make sure we do it again soon. 

Kalamalka Lake Spring Break

I took a quick time out on my way between two photo shoots Wednesday afternoon. Sitting in the hills surrounding Kal Lake was a wonderful break and you could almost see the lake warming up, preparing it self for summer swimmers and boaters. 

Daylight Savings - Welcome Back

The days are getting longer and I love it. And I cannot complain about the forecast of sunny skies and 13 degrees. Especially when I think about what our friends out East must endure. I leave you with a few photos from that last, extra, hour of the day.