While we wait for snow

I am feeling quite lucky these days to have a visitor from Denmark stay with us. Emil is here primarily to ski for part of the season but also to pursue his passion for photography. While we wait for the snow to fly we have been sightseeing and hiking in the area around Vernon and if it wasn't for Emil I would not have captured these images. Today we drove to Ellison Provincial Park. In sharp contrast to a summer day we didn't meet a single person and were quite pleased with the light as it unfolded on this November day. Images in this post were captured with a Fujifilm X-Pro1 and XF 23 1.4R.  

Ex Nihilo Vineyard and Arrowleaf Cellars Fall Picking

It is not often that I will admit to any type of alcohol consumption in this blog but I have to share a short paragraph about two fines wines that we sampled this past week and also photos from both wineries.

Our good friend, Heather, who works at Ex Nihilo Vineyards came for dinner last week and brought a 2013 Pinot Noir for us to enjoy. We were all in awe over this wine. I won't pretend to be a wine connoisseur so will resort to quoting the label which states; "Lovely ripe cherry aromas are sprinkled with strawberry, violets and coffee. The satin pallet is well balanced with dark spice of the finish. After whole berry fermentation the wine was aged 9 months in a combination of French and American oak. The result is a wine with a gorgeous texture that will please the Pinot Noir enthusiast". Even the words sound nice as I type them here. Heather invited us to the Winery to take a few photos of the fall picking. She also suggested a quick stop at Arrowleaf Cellars. On the weekend we sampled a bottle of 2012 Pinot Noir from Arrowleaf. While this wine also surprised us in a positive way we preferred the Ex Nihilo Pinot Noir. So there you have it. I am now also a wine reviewer.   

VSCO Film 06 Review - Weddings

 Fuji 400H +1, Canon 5D II, EF 16-35 2.8L

Katrina & Mark's Wedding

My friend Stephen invited me to co-shoot a wedding in late September. After Stephen introduced me to Katrina and Mark I learned that they live just three doors up the street from me. A very small world indeed. It was great to co-shoot with Stephen and nice to get to know my neighbours better :)  

Kodak Tri-X +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

VSCO Film 06 - The Alternative Process Collection

With the release of VSCO Film 06 I thought I would run through Katrina and Mark's wedding images to see what kind of magic VSCO 06 could add to the mix.

Learn more about VSCO 06 FIlm  

I found out about VSCO Film in early 2013 via Montreal Photographer, Patrick LaRoque, when VSCO 03 was introduced. I have since added and used VSCO 04 and VSCO 05 film packs also. I do not use the presets all the time but find them very handy and they can certainly save time when editing a large number of photos. These presets give you a good starting point and using Lightroom or Photoshop you can tweak the files to your liking. One of my upcoming tasks is to go through the many presets I have and group them into favourites. There are so many now that scrolling through presets can eat up chunks of time, which of course is counter productive. I will get to it I'm sure.  

Fuji 400H +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Getting back to the favourites, VSCO Film 06 is no different than the other packs. While most of the presets can be used I have already narrowed it down to a few favourites in 06. The Kodak Porta 160 sticks out as a clear favourite as this point. I have never shot with the actual film but can still appreciate the push / pull options in this pack and find the concept rather fascinating. I found that Porta 160 needs very little tweaking and applies a very pleasant colour palette and slightly desaturated look without overdoing it. 

Kodak Porta 160 +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Kodak Porta 160 +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Kodak Porta 160 +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Another preset I gravitated towards right away was the Fuji 400H with its deeper and more saturated look.  

Fuji 400H +1, Canon 5D II, EF 16-35 2.8L

Fuji 400H +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Fuji 400H +1, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Last but not least VSCO Film 06 includes great black and white presets. Ilford HP5 and the classic Kodak Tri-X. I mostly explored Tri-X for this post but the HP5 presets looks interesting as well and I am sure I will use them at a later point. 

Kodak Tri-X, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Kodak Tri-X, Canon 5D III, EF 85 1.2L II

Kodak Tri-X, Canon 5D III, EF 16-35 2.8L

I have not talked about the cross processed presets in this blog post. I much prefer the push pull options but will eventually venture into the cross processed presets which give a bolder, saturated and high contrast look. 

Alslev, Blåvandshuk - Denmark

Blåvandshuk and Windmills in the distance

It is time to rewind to April again. I have a few more photos to share from our trip to Denmark. 

We returned to Billund Airport from Paris on a rainy evening. The wind was howling and reminded me of my childhood growing up on the Danish West-coast. One of my best friends, Søren, picked us up at the airport and we were about to spend three days with him and his wife, Mette, and their four wonderful daughters in Alslev near the North Sea. Søren and I go way back to grade school and even before that we knew each other. In our twenties we played together in a couple bands. Those were the days of "Willie and the Handjive" and "Oldies but Loonies". So we had lots of catching up to do. 

The next morning was nice and sunny and with hardly any wind, which usually is unheard of in this part of the country. We drove out to Blåvandshuk which is located right on the coast and went straight for the lighthouse. The view was phenomenal on this clear day. We could see Esbjerg and a huge number of windmills in the distance. Denmark is well known for it's progress in alternative energy and this sight certainly proved the point.

Sand Dunes and Blue Skies

Søren and Mette live in a gorgeous farm house so we spent much of our time relaxing, enjoying great meals, talking about our kids, old times, the future, music, politics, sports; you name it. I even ventured out on a short but much needed run. Thanks guys for an awesome time. It was so nice to spend time with you again. We will be back !!!