Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run

I cannot believe how many visitors this event attracts. We counted 7 busses in the parking lot and there must have been thousands of people there. We probably chose the busiest days of all, Sunday on the Thanksgiving weekend, but this was just unreal and took away from witnessing this natural phenomena. And of course everyone has a camera or cell phone so the shoreline was jam packed with iPhones, tripods and SLRs. This was a huge surprise to us. I had thought that perhaps we would see twenty or thirty cars in the parking lot and knew that this wasn't going to be a private affair but this was over the top. You live and learn. If I ever go back it will be mid week, later in the month and I will try to find another spot further up the river.   

Courtney & Nori, Engagement Photos

We met Courtney and Nori at Courtney's sister Brittany's wedding in July. They were really impressed by the photos we took and our presence on the wedding day and wanted to book us for their wedding on May 9th 2015. But before the big day next year we met up at the BX Trail for engagement photos. We live very close the BX Trail but have never done a photo shoot there. We had a good time on the trail and by the waterfall and it won't be the last time we shoot here. I think Courtney and Nori enjoyed the setting as well. This was their first visit to the trail. Thanks guys for trekking along with us and we are looking forward to May next year.

Salt Spring Island

Our friends, Dagny and Philippe, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last week and we felt quite lucky that the chose to mark the day and spend time with us biking around Salt Spring Island. We had stellar weather and enjoyed good food and company. Aside from a few steep sections biking on the island was excellent. Especially on the north east shore and the morning ride from Ganges to the ferry at Fulford Harbour. 

Rose & Dustin's Wedding

We met Rose and Dustin earlier this summer at Kathleen and Daniel's Wedding in May. Rose and Dustin had planned what they called a small back yard wedding in Vernon. Friends and family all helped out from what we could see and the framework was in place for a festive wedding day. Although a nasty late afternoon storm rolled in nothing was spoiled. It was a super fun day with good music, great food, dancing and of course the ceremony. All held right there in the back yard. It was such a great atmosphere. Congrats to Rose and Dustin and thanks for calling us for your wedding photos.  

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