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Soccer in Black and White


I just checked to see how many soccer galleries I have on my Smugmug site. The count is 89. My traditional set up for soccer is either one or two SLRs and for the most part either my 300 f/2.8 or 70-200 f/2.8, or both. Yesterday I decided to go about it quite differently. All I brought to the game was my X-Pro1. I decided to try a few things out. One being the continuous shooting. The X-Pro1 actually fires off 6 frames per second. The new Canon 5D Mark III shoots the same 6 frames per second albeit with superior auto focus capabilities. So I had to work around things as I know AF tracking wouldn't be a good option. At first I shot around f/3.6 but quickly decided, why not bump the ISO to around 800, shoot at f/8 for increased depth of field. The ISO is clean at 800 so no worries here. I would then prefocus using the AE-L button and set the camera to manual focus. I snuck up near the goal post in order to get some action in and around the goal. Shooting with just one lens, and in this case a 50 mm equivalent, takes a bit of patience as you have to wait for the action to come quite close to you, but I liked the images as they produced a new perspective for me. This is no way meant to replace my SLR for this type of shooting but it was fun trying it out.

The other thing I decided to opt for was using the in camera BW conversion. After all the talk of the Leica Monochrome in the last couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to see what the X-Pro1 could come up with. I picked the BW yellow filter for no other reason than I thought it looked cool on the LCD.

Since my last X-Pro1 related blog post I have added the grip to the camera, an extra battery and an ND filter. The grip is a worth while addition to me. It adds a little bit of weight to the camera and it now feels a bit more substantial. Coming from SLRs the X-Pro1 is so light. You obviously also getter a better grip on the camera it is one of those products that look better in real life. The tripod mount in the centre of the grip is also a welcome addtion as it replaces the off centre mount on the camera. I am happy to report that battery life is better after the firmware upgrade. Still it is nice to have an extra battery and I will for sure be needing it for 'all day' events coming up. The ND filter is handy for getting narrow depth of field shots when it gets too bright and I have also used it in order to gain longer exposures for some lake shots.

I keep adding images to my Smugmug X-Pro1 Gallery, so feel free to check it out. Below are a few photos from the game.