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Torsten Raupach - Cello and Bass


Over the last few years I have met several members of the Raupach family and the thin red line with all the siblings is music. They don't just dabble at it. They are all very talented. I have photographed three of the fours siblings now and they are all a joy to be around. I did a portrait session a few years ago with Torsten's sister Siobhan, who is an opera singer. Torsten's older brother was a member of the Vernon trio, James and the Country Gentlemen. I did a poster and concert shoot for them. I first met Torsten a couple of years ago when we did a fun poster portrait of his cello quartet on the Coldstream railroad bridge near Kal Lake. During our shoot this time around I asked him to just play. Keep playing. In part because I thought it would work well for the portraits but also because I wanted to hear these beautiful instruments. Torsten plays rock, classic folk and I am sure a bunch of other genres. It was fun to hear him pick the strings, almost the way I do when I play my guitar. Except it sounded like he knew what he was doing. Torsten is off to UBC to study music. If you are looking for a cellist or bass player, drop him a line at